How long can an Aquarius love at first sight last?

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First love always walks away without a problem, so what about love at first sight? Many people don't believe in love at first sight, and the vast crowd just fell in love with just one more look? However, sometimes love just comes so silently and turbulently that people can sink into it for a certain person at a certain moment, desperately!

Aquarius: A season

Aquarius won't fall in love with a person at first sight, and few people will meet their spouse selection conditions, let alone love at first sight? That probability is very small. After all, the partners in their minds are not only looking for high-quality and good temperament, they also want to become soul mate! It doesn't sound easy. When the love at first sight really happens to them, they can stick to the limit of a season of love time, and then if they are fruitless, they will find another person!