Don't wrong yourself

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  • Overall
  • Emotion
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  • Wealth  
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  • Lucky ColorOff-White
  • Match ConstellationCapricorn

Comprehensive fortune:

Sometimes don't wrong yourself for the sake of fairness, some rights and interests that should be fought and things that should belong to you Don't give up, you should actively fight for it. In terms of interpersonal relationships, be careful to talk and don't give people with a chance to take advantage of it.

Emotion fortune:

Singles have a good luck this week, and they can take the initiative to meet the right opportunities; those who are accompanied can talk to their partners about future plans and expectations, and inspire two people to work together.

Job fortune:

In business, remember to read the relevant clauses clearly when handling the contract, and you can raise objections to unfair clauses; in academics, you have to push yourself, you will become better.

Wealth fortune:

There will be some expenditures on electronic products this week, and there may be places where the family needs money; in terms of investment, this week is not suitable for investment, and astrological indicators may be deceived.

Health fortune:

Pay attention to balanced diet, not picky eaters.

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