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Comprehensive fortune:

. In April, Gemini especially needs to pay attention not to be immersed in fantasy, if you do n't want to do it, you will not gain. What, we must know that focusing on the present can get great development. In terms of interpersonal relationships, be careful not to confide your sincere words to others, because someone you trust who is very close to you is probably not your true friend.

Emotion fortune:

What you should pay attention to emotionally this month is to cherish the people in front of you. Do n't blindly imitate or admire the love of others. This will likely make you sensitive and nervous. Companion twins should pay attention to patiently listening to each other's fragility and grievances, and give comfort and hugs in time. Although there are many single twin peaches, they have a tendency to recover from rotten peach blossoms. It is recommended to deal with rotten peach blossoms in time to avoid future life Make an impact.

Job fortune:

In your career, you need to be patient. Your work may be more complicated this month, and you need to take time to deal with it. Patience will be handled one by one. Academically, you need to pay attention during this time. Review your knowledge in a timely manner.

Wealth fortune:

There will be some impulse purchases this month. Before you buy, you should consider the practicability of the items before you start. You also need to pay attention to financial management and save money in a planned way.

Health fortune:

Pay attention to gastrointestinal problems, eat less spicy and greasy.

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