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Comprehensive fortune:

The most obvious feeling for Taurus in April is that your mood is getting better. After the pressure of the surrounding environment is reduced, you It is important to make an accurate assessment of yourself and the people around you. I believe that after the tragedy last month, you also saw a lot of things, whether it is the environment or people. These truths can help you restore your life order or make some more important decisions.

Emotion fortune:

Single Taurus will have a good chance to confess or date with your favorite ambiguous person this month; for a Taurus with companion, be careful not to keep things in your heart, if you have any dissatisfaction or discomfort, Raised in time with the other half.

Job fortune:

In career, we must pay attention to the handling of some trivial work, remember to be patient; the student party will prepare for the exam or welcome a new job or internship opportunity, remember to make adequate preparations in advance.

Wealth fortune:

This month's wealth is stable, and there will be partial wealth accounting. Pay attention to savings and financial management. There will be some personal exchanges in spending, or for children or homes need to add large furniture.

Health fortune:

Watch out for sprains and colds.

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