lacks foresight in action

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  • LuckyNum3
  • Lucky ColorMoss Green
  • Match ConstellationPisces

Comprehensive fortune:

has a slight downward momentum. Although you have foresight, the action has not kept up. You have a lot of ideas for work and study, and you can think about the long-term future, but you ca n't see actual improvement in your actions. Love still maintains the status quo, a bit bland like an old wife and wife, lacking the feeling of refreshment in getting along.

Emotion fortune:

Single need to weigh beautiful skin OR interesting soul which is important.

Job fortune:

Learning lacks a sense of purpose, and it is easy to do whatever you think of.

Wealth fortune:

There is no resistance to new electronic products and it may cost a lot.

Health fortune:

Sitting for too long, prone to sore hands and feet, walk more.

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