Find the source of stress

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  • Emotion
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  • Lucky ColorBeige
  • Match ConstellationCapricorn

Comprehensive fortune:

You will have an inexplicable tension this week, the end of the year is coming, and the full moon will also exert its energy this week So all you have to do is find the source of your stress and don't leave it alone. In terms of interpersonal relationships, you should pay attention to asking questions or expressing yourself, as clearly as possible, and do not let the meaning be ambiguous.

Emotion fortune:

Single singles may not have a good opportunity to confess or surprise you from the beginning of this week, just wait patiently for a while; this week is suitable for chatting with your partner.

Job fortune:

In your career, you should be calm in your work or colleagues this week, and do n't be impatient when you are in trouble; in your studies, remember not to be lax, and adjust your mentality during the sprint phase.

Wealth fortune:

Pay attention to avoid emotional consumption, a hot head may cause you great economic pressure.

Health fortune:

Be careful with scratches and headaches this week.

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