doesn't have the toughness to persist

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  • Lucky ColorCharcoal Gray
  • Match ConstellationTaurus

Comprehensive fortune:

In fact, you have a lot of ideas in your mind, but you just don't have the toughness to persist. Whenever you think of it, you want to act immediately, always go to a certain degree, only to find out that the road is not working, and then give up and find a way again. In terms of love, you always feel that there is something missing from your lover, and even a little stagnation.

Emotion fortune:

Single singles will remain intact for the time being, and they will stay at home if they are idle.

Job fortune:

Make plans in advance, so as not to be overwhelmed.

Wealth fortune:

Accounts are not stable, sometimes more and sometimes less, and income and expenses need to be arranged.

Health fortune:

Do not make too close contact with wild animals.

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