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  • Lucky ColorMauve
  • Match ConstellationPisces

Comprehensive fortune:

The best thing to do this week is to review and look forward to review and summarize what has happened , And then make a rough plan for future development. In terms of interpersonal communication, we should pay attention to the occasions and objects of jokes. Not all the time is suitable for humor, there are some serious occasions to be more rigorous.

Emotion fortune:

If a single person can actively invite or participate in some social activities, there will be a good opportunity to appear; companions should be careful to be deceived, and some questions should be promptly asked in order to avoid being deceived.

Job fortune:

In your career, you should consult with your predecessors, accumulate work experience, and improve work efficiency. In your studies, you must pay attention to your own learning method. Sometimes, if you have not worked hard, the result may be that the method is out of order. Remember to adjust in time.

Wealth fortune:

This week's fortune is flat. To plan for financial management and expenditure, some people will spend a lot on transportation.

Health fortune:

Pay attention to hypotension and digestive problems.

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