Don't be too sensitive

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  • Lucky ColorGreen
  • Match ConstellationTaurus

Comprehensive fortune:

What you need to pay attention to this week is not to be too sensitive to the people or things around you. The philosophy of life you have to learn this week is to be simple. Whether you hear someone's bad comments on you, or your boss or colleagues are dissatisfied with you, you should not be too entangled here. In terms of interpersonal relationships, it's good to keep a peaceful mind and to smile at radical speeches and just ignore them.

Emotion fortune:

Singles continue to keep you gentle as always, it will always be placed; companions must know that the small romance from time to time is the best preservative for love! Prepare some small surprises for each other!

Job fortune:

In your career, you must be enthusiastic about the work you are doing, which can improve efficiency; academically, you must be optimistic and positive about the upcoming exam or interview. As long as you are well prepared in advance, all difficulties will not be problem.

Wealth fortune:

This week, the balance will be credited or the previous arrears will be recovered. The expenditure may be on the partner or friends.

Health fortune:

Pay attention to adjust your emotions, beware of toothache or headache.

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