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Comprehensive fortune:

A year of great changes in fortune, interpersonal, career, emotional, fortune and other aspects appear unstable. For example, there are obstacles to communication with people, or they are unwilling to actively contact the crowd. In business cooperation, it is easy to have problems of ineffective interests, affect customer relationships, and get along with friends and lovers. 2024 is not going well for Cancer. You need to improve your personal abilities, communication skills and enable yourself to face more setbacks. In the first half of the year, there may be some crises and tests in your career, or you may get a good opportunity to perform and gain space for development. Economic pressure is greater, expenditures on various aspects of life continue to increase, and there are some unexpected consumption, there are more unknowns. In the second half of the year, career fortune will decline, and more problems will be faced. It is necessary to improve the crisis management ability in the workplace and increase work experience to gain a foothold. The economy will pick up, and partial wealth is relatively good. Take more time to maintain your relationship this year, and don't let work alienate the relationship between the two. In addition, the body is prone to problems, reduce temper, and adjust mood.

Emotion fortune:

Partners need more running-in emotionally, get along well and reduce friction. Stable couples are suitable for marrying; singles don't perform high in front of others. Lowering their posture can get more chances to get out of order.

Job fortune:

There will be a place for you in the workplace in 2024. Be good at using all your interpersonal resources to develop your career. After mid-month, work motivation will be more sufficient, you can try to do some new challenges, maybe get new gains, but you need to strengthen your own energy.

Wealth fortune:

Fortunes are good and bad, and in the first half of the year, there were some expenditures on shopping, living, and health. The expenses were particularly large and the economic pressure was heavy. In the second half of the year, revenues and expenditures can basically be balanced, and the overall financial situation will be stable.

Health fortune:

In terms of health, the mood is poor, it is easy to get angry, and some skin problems may occur. Eat a balanced diet and a normal schedule. In the second half of the year, his mental state is poor and he often has insufficient sleep. He needs to improve his physical fitness.

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