The dawn will always come

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  • Lucky ColorMauve
  • Match ConstellationLeo

Comprehensive fortune:

You will be more relaxed this week, and some long-standing problems have been gradually resolved. All you have to do is to stay calm and not to be extreme. In terms of interpersonal communication, this week will meet a valuable woman who will help you solve problems or help you along the way.

Emotion fortune:

There are many opportunities for singles this week, but you should pay attention to identifying whether the ambiguous object is genuine; if you are accompanied, give your partner some help and encouragement, and don't blame the other.

Job fortune:

In your career, some of the projects you follow up have begun to progress slowly. Be careful when you handle your work. In academics, do n't set yourself too high goals. Some things are just as good as you can do, you do n't have to force them.

Wealth fortune:

This week is suitable for investment, but you need to be clear about the differences between various financial products; some people will have human consumption, it may be that friends who have helped you before come to visit you.

Health fortune:

Go to bed early and get up early, don't stay up late.

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