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Comprehensive fortune:

Scorpio has not been very good since April, and is very stressed. In April, Scorpio's fortune finally starts to improve, mental stress will be relieved, and things that should be resolved will also be resolved. Therefore, Scorpio must be stronger, and the result you want is coming soon.

Emotion fortune:

Single Scorpio will have contact with the old people. If you think it is appropriate, you may start over; companion Scorpio should pay attention to handle your emotions, don't accumulate things in your heart, and believe that your other half has Ability to help you deal with these things.

Job fortune:

In your career, you should pay attention not to be impatient. There may be more things to deal with this month, but do n't put too much pressure on yourself. In school, you need to review in time to cope with the exam, and people waiting for the results will Harvest results this month.

Wealth fortune:

The fortune of wealth is stable and the trend of partial wealth is poor. It is recommended to make a good expenditure plan, invest carefully, there is a risk of breaking the wealth, and pay attention to cost-effectiveness in consumption.

Health fortune:

Be aware of shoulder and neck problems and sprained waist and legs.

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