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  • Lucky Color Beige
  • Match ConstellationTaurus

Comprehensive fortune:

You will feel the pressure this week, this pressure comes from the expectations and plans for next year. From now on, the influence of the Capricorn stars on you will become more obvious, and the influence on emotional processing and speech expression will be greater, so you should deal with such problems rationally and not be impatient.

Emotion fortune:

This week's single peach blossoms are bland, so you can take this opportunity to sort out your mood; be gentle with your partner, and don't have a critical tone when talking about a little thing.

Job fortune:

In business, you must plan your work and improve your work efficiency. In your studies, you should pay attention to combing and reviewing some issues. Remember the time-forgotten knowledge to review.

Wealth fortune:

This week is suitable for making some investments, real estate or some financial products are good choices; some people will have expenses for children.

Health fortune:

Pay attention to allergies and rhinitis.

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