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Comprehensive fortune:

Throughout April, Leo is a little hesitant to do things. I feel that there are a lot of things to consider. Look forward and look into the twelve. You don't have to worry about these issues. In the month of Sagittarius, the lion can make full use of the energy of Sagittarius to dare to do it, and boldly move towards the goal in his heart. In addition, affected by Sagittarius month, the lion will be a little too impulsive this month, pay attention to be rational.

Emotion fortune:

The single lion peach blossom is very good, there are many suitors around, if there is someone who likes it, you can boldly invite it; the accompanying lion should be gentle with the other half, don't be too strong.

Job fortune:

In career, it is very suitable to show your strengths in the post. All the efforts will be rewarded. Be careful not to be too obvious about someone 's likes and dislikes in terms of interpersonal communication. In school, pay attention to the quality, efficiency, and scope of the review. Great power did bad things.

Wealth fortune:

This month we must pay special attention to impulse consumption. Don't be blinded by temporary desires. Be sure to plan your income and expenditure reasonably.

Health fortune:

Watch out for headaches and seasonal colds

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