has high requirements on yourself

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  • Overall
  • Emotion
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  • LuckyNum9
  • Lucky ColorBeige
  • Match ConstellationScorpio

Comprehensive fortune:

Fortune is flat, but you have high requirements on yourself and you will have a harder time. The goals you set for yourself are a bit high. It is not necessarily that you are not capable enough. At least the opportunities cannot satisfy you, so you will feel a sense of frustration. When it comes to romance, you arrange everything, but the other person may not like your arrangement. Star j seat j house

Emotion fortune:

Do not take it for granted, it is easy to miss it because you do n't cherish it.

Job fortune:

Learning is easy to follow the rules, and the new question types are difficult for you.

Wealth fortune:

The amount of money to come is not small, at least to maintain a balance of income and expenditure.

Health fortune:

Is susceptible to noise and may affect hearing.

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