True true and false mixed

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  • LuckyNum3
  • Lucky ColorPurple
  • Match ConstellationPisces

Comprehensive fortune:

A day of true and false mixed, you need to wake up for twelve minutes to distinguish. The interpersonal relationships that need to be dealt with at work are very complicated, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false hearts. In the workplace, we must still maintain a sense of defense, and we must not relax. In terms of love, you don't need to overestimate the meaning of the other person's words, catching the wind and catching a shadow will make each other very tired. Star! Block! House

Emotion fortune:

Singles should be alert to love scammers and don't be deceived by rhetoric.

Job fortune:

Pay attention to the pitfalls of study, and don't lose points because of care.

Wealth fortune:

There will be various places where you need to spend money, try your best to budget.

Health fortune:

Prone to skin irritation. Keep away from allergens.

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