The expression should be clear

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  • LuckyNum7
  • Lucky ColorSandy Beige
  • Match ConstellationGemini

Comprehensive fortune:

The expression is too euphemistic, which will easily cause some unnecessary misunderstandings. Be sure to communicate clearly. Especially in terms of work, you may have many tasks that need to be handed over to others. While paying attention to verbal expressions, it is more important to express your meaning clearly. Love is prone to quarrels due to small things, and the two will fall into a short cold war.

Emotion fortune:

A single life is sullen, and you should be careful not to let people go.

Job fortune:

Learning can have its own rhythm and maintain an orderly pace.

Wealth fortune:

It is expected that a sum of money will be recovered, and the bonus may be in place.

Health fortune:

Pay attention to personal hygiene, especially wash your hands before eating.

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