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Comprehensive fortune:

Progress without goals is the state of the water bottle recently, the water bottles still don't seem to find what they want. April is a good month for a water bottle to find a target. Many previously ambiguous questions are becoming clearer and their positioning is becoming clearer, so water bottles can ask themselves what they want. .

Emotion fortune:

The single water bottle is suitable for showing your charm well this month, which is conducive to attracting peach blossoms; the accompanying water bottle cares about the other half's performance, giving him some promises or thinking about the future together Both are good choices.

Job fortune:

In your career, you need to be careful about what you do, and don't omit it; in academics, you need to build a structural framework for what you have learned, otherwise it is easy to lose sight of each other.

Wealth fortune:

Pay special attention to spending this month. There is a risk of excessive spending. Be careful before making a purchase decision.

Health fortune:

Be careful with abrasions.

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