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Comprehensive fortune:

2024 is a restless year for Aquarius, with average fortune and many conditions, each period is different The situation, as for the good and the bad, depends on how you think about it. At the beginning of the year, there will be major changes in the workplace, such as personnel transfers, department changes, or a layoff crisis. Remind you to understand the situation, look at the situation, and be more rigorous. In the middle of the year, your career fortune has improved slightly, but the risks still exist. You must think twice about any decision to ensure that nothing is wrong, so that you can go further. To control consumer desires, leave a little extra money in case you need it. Love is good in April and April, and there is a good chance for feelings, but it will be relatively dull in the future, especially for partners, there will always be quarrels and the relationship will fade. This year's interpersonal relationship will be smooth, and we will reach more different groups of people. However, we also need to prevent quarrels. Do n't mix in things that are not relevant to you. At the end of the year, pay attention to your health, pay attention to changes in your body, and stay safe when you go out.

Emotion fortune:

The emotional fortune is not bad. The relationship between the partner and the lover is hot, and the relationship is heating up. Even if there is a quarrel, it can be resolved quickly. Some people have plans for pregnancy. Singles will meet the subject of interest on some occasions, and it is expected to be successful.

Job fortune:

This year, the overall business is stable and it is easy to make a breakthrough. There were many problems encountered at the beginning of the year. In the middle of the year, some planning trips will be hampered and pay more than gain. The end of the year is definitely the busiest time, and it takes more time to work.

Wealth fortune:

In the second half of the year, when there was a large financial movement, expenditure was high, and consumption in various aspects of life increased. In addition, there were some additional expenses, such as medical care, financial management, insurance, and so on. Some people will spend emotionally this year, squandering their money, and the economy is a little embarrassed.

Health fortune:

To start focusing on health issues, you can do a physical examination. We must pay close attention to physical changes throughout the day. There are many hidden dangers to health, as well as good rest and exercise.

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